QPQ is an exclusive, elite business matching service.

Our primary marketplace is the powerful world of investors and industry leaders in the Middle East.
Our objective is to connect investors in the Gulf States with lucrative opportunities in the emerging markets of the Central Asia and CIS.
Through decades of networking and collaboration, we discovered that Investors and Project Holders have mutually beneficial needs. Project holders need funds to advance their project and investors need high yield projects to leverage their wealth.
Ultimately, we recognised that our connections were truly our assets. So we formalised our skills and offered our services through Quid Pro Quo.
Our multicultural team gives you access into the Middle East, Central Asia and CIS countries seamlessly.
This means you gain an extremely valuable business collaborator who can connect you into new, productive, well paid markets through our strong connections, great regional knowledge, understanding and experience.
QPQ attracts power players from all sectors.
Our database includes…
Industry Leaders
Investment Fund Executives
Development Bankers
Government Officials
High Net Worth Individuals
Trade Authorities
…and many other discreet heavy weights in the Gulf and CIS regions.
For further information please contact us