About Us

Why QPQ Was Created
For serious players, finding the right connections is like looking for gold. Meeting the right person can open doors and unlock opportunities.
Networking should be a good way to do that. The trouble is, much of what’s out there falls short of expectations.
Outdated models. Restrictive rules. Well-meaning but pointless presentations.
Online access to so many people, yet few genuine meaningful connections. (And let’s not get started on the ramblings of recruiters or the pestering from pushy sales people).
Endless ‘talking shops’ with little or no results. The annoying individuals who seem to think it is OK to “take, take, take” and give nothing back. (We don’t think that’s OK at all).
Not much of value for the successfully established business owner, serial entrepreneur, deal maker, influencer, the person with multiple projects on the go or individuals of high net worth.
There had to be a better way.
We couldn’t find a solution elsewhere. So we created one of our own.
It’s QPQ Networking. (You can read Oksana’s story below)
The QPQ Philosophy
QPQ stands for Quid Pro Quo…
… which stands for “something given in return for doing something for another.”
It is one of the principles, which marks us out from others.
Members ask our exclusive community for help to find connections. Members get rewarded for helping others to connect with the people they are looking for.
The system is designed and managed to encourage active participation, conversations of mutual benefit and a sense of ‘fair play’.
There is no ‘one size fits all’ with QPQ.
It is exclusive. It is select. It is about creating and forging a community of people with strong, high quality and powerful connections.
No place for start-up businesses (they may be able to join once firmly established).
No place for pushy sales people.
No place for recruiters.
No place for ‘timewasters’.
No place for those who ‘take, take, take’ and give nothing back
QPQ is about helping serious players secure strong business and enhanced wealth through trusted connections they might otherwise never find.
Membership is by application or invitation only.
There are two exclusive membership group types.
QPQ Gold for established, high-powered SME business owners. QPQ Elite for smart serial entrepreneurs, influencers, deal makers and multi-project players.
A different way for networking. A better way to connect.
The QPQ Story
This is a story about connection – probably the most powerful word in business today. Meet Oksana Tashakova…
Starting with little but courage and a sense of adventure, she emigrated twice to create her future in a new land.
Good with people, property and business… Oksana built a $2.5 million dollar real estate empire from scratch by age 26.
A strong result but not included here as some kind of boast. What’s most relevant about it to the story is this. Oksana’s achievements were getting her noticed.
A position high in corporate world beckoned…
… but her desire was to create something even bigger, make a bigger difference.
A serial entrepreneur with a flair for communications, branding and building relationships… Oksana started several businesses.
Word of her success soon spread.
Business owners asked her help to do the same. They wanted fresh connections so Oksana organised conferences and events for them.
She understood the value of relationships and had a strong business brain.
But her experience of taking part in all kinds of networking led her to a disappointing discovery.
Much of the traditional and online networking out there was not serving everyone well – especially the serious players.
Oksana could not find a ready-made solution in the marketplace.
So she decided to create something better… and QPQ was born.