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We Transform How You Do Business

What QPQ Platform is

QPQ is an online global community of professionals who earn money by collaborating.
It is the fast-track to finding new projects, professional engagements and relevant growth opportunities and structured ways to monetise your network and connections.
Connect, collaborate and grow with a global network of entrepreneurs, experts and professionals just like you.
  • We are a new power. Instead of allowing technologies to take our jobs and disrupt our businesses, we leverage it to connect, empower and enable us to produce results that alone we wouldn't be able to achieve. We are a community of experts, consultants, advisers, legal professionals, bankers and entrepreneurs who solely represent experience, knowledge, cutting-edge ideas, lucrative opportunities and outstanding results, but together we represent immense power. Our network enables us to collaborate safely, leverage our knowledge and skills, fuel and grow our projects and ventures, build our online reputation and network, which results in exponential growth and value creation for everyone involved.
  • We are a modern organisation – Social Enterprise with new values of freedom, collaboration, mutual support, fair reward for our experience, knowledge, connections and efforts.
  • We are a genuinely global new age community. Alone, we are fragmented and limited, but together, we are power! New Power!

QPQ welcomes

  • Entrepreneurs and Project Initiators
  • Investors
  • Legal advisers
  • Investment professionals
  • Business strategists
  • Financial advisers
  • Consultants
  • Fundraising experts
  • Technical consultants

The network is segmented by industries:

  • Energy, Power & Utilities
  • Agriculture and Food Production
  • Mining & Metals
  • Oil & Gas, Chemicals
  • Infrastructure and Construction
  • IT & Technologies


By invitation or application only


It’s free to join


Made by professionals for professionals

QPQ is a New Way To Do Business

For Investors QPQ is:

  • The fast-track to great expansion and investment opportunities.
  • Cost-effective and convenient way to engage proven experts for your projects in any geographical location.
  • Source of the latest trends and developments in your industry.

For Experts and Consultants QPQ is:

  • Convenient way to get more business without expanding your headcount, expensive offices or travel all over the world.
  • An opportunity to create an alternative income stream by monetising your connections, experience and know-how.
  • A way to build your online reputation and status which will yield opportunities and income and enable exponential growth with a leverage of the QPQ network.

For Entrepreneurs and Project Initiators QPQ is:

  • Place to find partners or investors for your project or venture – you can do it either by finding investors/partners on the platform or fellow members can help you for negotiated fees.
  • An easy way to get the expertise you need to grow your project conveniently and cost-effectively.
  • Structured and mediated process to monetize your network by helping other members.

For Employed Professionals QPQ is:

  • A way to create an alternative income stream by monetizing your connections, ideas and industry knowledge by helping fellow members for negotiated fees.
  • An opportunity to create an online reputation and network which with time can become your main income stream and launchpad for your own business.
  • Source of new ideas and opportunities which you can utilise in your current career or share with your offline network to build your reputation and career growth.

And there’s more...

  • Every QPQ member is pre-qualified and goes through an initial background check; everyone signs non-circumvention, non-disclosure agreement and strict code-of-conduct to ensure each member is protected.
  • Every posted request and project goes through an initial screening by platform admin to ensure only genuine requests and projects are shared with the group. Members rate each other after each interaction, so only honest and reputable members will get opportunities and status within the community. Members with poor rating will be asked to leave.
  • Connect with professionals, businesses and projects that need your services.
  • QPQ is free to join, and there are NO annual membership fees or hidden costs. You only pay when you earn on QPQ Platform.

Gain insight about trends in your industry, and get access to markets across the globe.

Get rewarded for connecting, helping and collaborating, and much more...

How QPQ works

  1. Search QPQ for a project or relationship you can help with OR post your own opportunity request.
  2. Connect with an opportunity and set or negotiate your reward.
  3. Successfully complete your services.
  4. Get your request fulfilled or your reward.

Join QPQ in just five steps:

  1. Complete and submit your membership application form.
  2. Our QPQ Membership Team will be in touch for an interview.
  3. If your application is approved, you’re in!
  4. QPQ assist you with on-boarding and your profile creation.
  5. Now you are a New Power – Get Started!

About the QPQ team

We’re entrepreneurs, just like you, with the drive to find a different, more profitable way of working than business as usual.

Got a question?

We’re here to help. Simply call one of the team or send us a note through “Contact Us” form.
QPQ is designed, created and managed by QPQ International