QPQ Gold – A Better Way To Network

Is QPQ Gold for Me?
QPQ Gold membership is for owners of established SME businesses (minimum 10+ employees). Networking here is designed to help you make deals, increase your profitability, and create powerful and sustainable growth.
How Does It Work
Qualifying members are organised and assigned to a relevant, non-competing membership group, or ‘Chapter’. Members pay a simple subscription fee for access to THREE service channels:
#1 – In-Person Networking
Regular, flexible and structured networking meetings and other live events. The focus is on helping people find the connections they are looking for, on making deals and on generating high-value results. No pressure of weekly meetings, silly hours or constant referrals. No well-meaning but pointless presentations just to ‘fill up’ time. Instead, features like breakouts, hot seats, and mastermind-style space to share challenges, exchange ideas and find solutions for each other.
#2 – Online Networking Platform
This allows members to receive support and share connections based on ‘Quid Pro Quo’ principles. Each member is given credits to get started. Spend credits to request help finding the right connections. Gain credits by helping other members find people. If a member runs out of credits they can secure more by helping others first.
#3 – Business Hub Services
This gives members access to expert help with recruitment, sales, marketing, advertising, IT, logistics, finance, legal and PR services from approved specialists.
What Makes QPQ Gold Different?
QPQ Gold is focused on delivering value, strong connections and results. Here are a few reasons why you should consider becoming a member:
  • An exclusive results-driven community to make best use of your time
  • We filter out recruiters, pushy sales people and ‘unwelcome’ service providers
  • Focus on quality, trusted connections and referrals with confidence
  • Careful balance of online activity, support services and in-person meetings.
  • Managed community to ensure diverse, active and fair membership
  • Be rewarded for helping others – capitalise on your connections
  • Fast track process for finding new markets, partners and investment
How do I Join?
Membership is by application or invitation only. Successful completion of an online application form and short selection interview (in person or by telephone) gives you access to everything QPQ Gold offers.
Membership Fees: By Simple Subscription (fees advised at interview stage).