Past Event
QPQ Green Energy Summit 2021
"Bridging the Gap Between Green Energy Projects and Investors"
This Summit is intended For Investors, Project Initiators, Developers and Other Professional Stakeholders of the Sustainability Sector
About the Event
November 16th - 2021
QPQ Green Energy Summit 2021 - “Bridging the Gap Between Green Energy Projects & Investors “, is an online event that will provide invaluable insight and a deal flow of vetted utility-scale projects in these four sectors:

  • Solar, Wind, and Hydro
  • Energy Storage/Battery Storage
  • Waste to Energy
  • Hydrogen
A prestigious panel of speakers consisting of sector experts, influencers, and investors will discuss:
  • The cutting edge trends and developments in renewable energy, waste-to-energy, energy storage, and hydrogen space.
  • What constitutes a good project within these four subsectors and what doesn't .
  • Potential problems and risks in implementation, construction, operation, and maintenance for each subsector and their potential solutions.
  • Strategies to improve projects IRR.
  • Strategies to de-risk projects.
  • The best geographical regions for investments in those sub-sectors ( discussing the regions that meet the required infrastructure, ecosystem, favorable legislative framework and recent developments, subsidies, government support, tariffs, grants, tax credits, etc.)
After the panel discussion, the best project per each relevant category (from the first round of this event) will be selected and announced by our Deal Advisors , giving these highly promising projects a platform to be showcased.

About the participating projects
Our extensive network of green project developers and the global outreach through partners, influencers, and investment promotion agencies will give you access to over 100 projects from all over the world qualified and vetted by our QPQ International Deal Advisors.

It should be noted that this event is international, so projects presented will be from most of the markets that are considered desirable and investable. Also, no unproven technologies or start-up ventures are admissible to participate in our Green Energy Summit-project initiators round. Only utility-scale projects, initiated by professional teams with proven track records will be showcased.
Keynote Speaker
  • Claude Begle
    Former Member of the Swiss Parliament National Council, Member of the Foreign Policy Commission, Executive Chairman and CEO @ Symbio Swiss
    Symbio Swiss company's purpose is to participate in the global reflection on environmental topics, climate change, energy supply, and efficiency. Dr. Begle is a politician with a strong sense of corporate social responsibility. Able to balance macro/political considerations and micro/business efficiency. A lot of experience in public policy, regulatory aspects, and PPPs. Leads numerous high-profile initiatives in energy efficiency and projects with positive environmental and social impact.

Panel of Experts
  • Stephen Crolius
    President @ Ammonia Energy Association, President and Co-Founder @ Carbon-Neutral Consulting
    Stephen has 35 years of experience as a business strategy professional at The Boston Consulting Group. He served as a senior staff member at the William J. Clinton Foundation's Climate Initiative from 2006 to 2013.

    Mr. Crolius is President and Co-Founder of Carbon-Neutral Consulting and President of the Ammonia Energy Association. He is also Co-Director of the Vehicle-to-Grid EV School Bus Initiative and President of the Ammonia Energy Association. Carbon-Neutral Consulting provides business strategy counsel to companies who are addressing opportunities and challenges related to the energy transition. The firm's expertise is centered on electricity and hydrogen (and relevant derivatives) as key constituents of a sustainable energy economy.

  • Kiran Jethwa
    Managing Partner @ Fumase

    Kiran is a proponent of innovative business models that incorporate economic, social & environmental Triple Bottom Line strategies. A serial entrepreneur and a veteran marketing professional with over 9+ years of experience in the renewable energy sector & 20+ years of high-tech industry experience.

    His company, Fumase, is an Asset Management & Asset Development company based out of USA & Malaysia with a focus on Renewable Energy, Water & Waste sectors; and geographic focus on South East Asia & Indian Sub-Continent. Kiran has also contributed as the investor chair for California and a mentor in "Cleantech Open" - the largest clean technology competition in the USA & globally.

  • Niyazi Mete Saraçoğlu
    West Africa Director @ Meridiam
    Mete has joined Meridiam in 2013, since then he has worked in the development and financial structuring of numerous infrastructure projects in Europe and Africa, particularly in renewable energy, healthcare, and transport sectors. He is currently based in Dakar, Senegal as Senior Vice-President of Development for West Africa.

    Meridiam is a global investor and asset manager specialized in developing, financing, and managing long-term public infrastructure projects with $18 billion of assets under management. Meridiam develops, finances, builds, and manages various types of projects:
    • Utility networks and services (water, waste management, energy, etc.)
    • Transport infrastructure (high-speed rail lines, highways, tunnels, ports, tramways, etc.)
    • Social infrastructure and public buildings (schools, universities, healthcare centers, stadiums, etc.)
  • Hamza Al Jefri
    General Manager @ Sharjah Waste to Energy Company, a joint venture by Masdar and Sharjah Environment Company.
    Hamza has spent nearly a decade in the clean energy sector, exclusively leading and working on innovative and landmark projects in the UAE. He was previously seconded by Masdar to another pioneering project taking up the position of a Project Manager at Abu Dhabi Carbon Capture Company – Al Reyadah. There, he supported the execution of the world's first iron and steel carbon capture project in Mussafah. Now Hamza is heading the Sharjah Waste to Energy Company.

    With almost $20bln combined value invested in global projects and 10.7 GW of installed and under development gross capacity, Masdar is developing & deploying commercial-scale renewable energy projects, leading sustainable urban development & advancing clean-tech innovation worldwide.
  • Angela Melkonian
    Senior Project Development Manager MENAWA @ Scatec
    Angela is an experienced professional in the Renewable Energy Industry in the MENAWA market. She is currently a Senior Project Development Manager MENAWA at Scatec, the Norwegian Developer/IPP/EPC, where she contributed to the winning of 300MW in Tunisia and the winning of 525MW solar BOO in Iraq.

    Scatec is a Norwegian company and leading renewable power producer with almost $25bln market capitalization. As a long-term player, Scatec develops, builds, owns, and operates solar, wind, and hydropower plants and storage solutions.

  • Vincent Bakker
    Group Controller & Corporate Finance @ Entoria Energy Pte Ltd
    Vincent Bakker has 12 years of energy investment experience. Starting his career at Royal Dutch Shell, he worked in Netherlands, Kazakhstan, and Singapore in large M&A, complex capital projects, and government negotiations. He has co-founded Asia's first renewable energy investment platform. He heads the finance function at Entoria Energy, an international renewable energy developer. He regularly speaks at industry events and mentoring green-tech ventures.

    Entoria Energy is a leading solar development group that develops, finance, build, and operates in 10+ countries across Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America. The current proprietary pipeline under development is in excess of 2 GW ranging from 20 kW to 600 MW. Entoria Energy is also expanding its wind portfolio, energy storage, and other renewable energy sources.
  • Nicole Vermeulen
    Supply Chain Manager, Green Hydrogen @ Shell
    Nicole has 15+ years of commercial and international experience in different parts of the energy sector, such as Utilities, Renewables (solar and wind), and Oil & Gas. She has delivered projects (up to 2bln USD) in challenging and complex environments, including acquisition & integration projects. Currently, she is the supply chain manager of green hydrogen in Shell and responsible for the contracting and procurement of one of the largest planned green hydrogen plants worldwide.

    Royal Dutch Shell plc, is an Anglo-Dutch multinational oil and gas company headquartered in The Hague in the Netherlands. Measured by 2020 revenues, Shell is the fifth-largest company in the world. With its commitment to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 or sooner Shell is initiating a myriad of green energy projects and initiatives across the whole value chain.
  • Mikhail Nikomarov
    Chief Executive Officer @ Bushveld Energy
    Over 15 years of international business experience in energy and finance, including as CEO and co-founder of Bushveld Energy since 2015. Seven years with McKinsey & Company in Moscow and Johannesburg, advising national governments, utilities, and manufacturers on growth strategy and policy and leading operational turnarounds in the energy sector. Three years as Portfolio Manager at Sovereign Bank, USA (now Santander Bank). Chairman of the Board, South African Energy Storage Association. Chair, Energy Storage Committee, Vanitec (the global association of vanadium producers)

    Bushveld Energy aims to transform Africa by addressing the continent's greatest obstacle to faster growth and industrialization: reliable electricity supply. By providing distributed, utility-scale energy storage solutions and finally harnessing Africa's near-unlimited renewable energy potential.
Green Energy Summit Program
November 16th, 2021
18:00 - 18:05 GST
18:00 - 18:05 GST
Intro-word by the CEO of QPQ International, Oksana Tashakova
18:05 – 18:25 GST
18:05 – 18:25 GST
Claude Béglé
Former Member of the Swiss Parliament National Council, Member of the Foreign Policy Commission, Executive Chairman and CEO @ Symbio Swiss
Dr. Béglé will address the question of the supply of green energy as a part of the SDG pluri-disciplinary approach. He will stress the need for bondage between the various goals, as well as between R&D, innovation, and venture capital.
18:25 - 18:45 GST
18:25 - 18:45 GST
Stephen Crolius
President @ Ammonia Energy Association, President and Co-Founder @ Carbon-Neutral Consulting
  • The intersection of regulatory initiatives and decarbonization decisions in the maritime sector
  • The approach being taken by leading companies
  • Why early action is a smart strategy

18:45 - 19:05 GST
18:45 - 19:05 GST
Nicole Vermeulen
Supply Chain Manager, Green Hydrogen @ Shell
  • Overview of different technologies in hydrogen production - Pros and Cons
  • Hydrogen - where the market is heading
  • Why Green Hydrogen
  • Scale-up challenges and Shell electrolyzer project

19:05 - 19:25 GST
19:05 - 19:25 GST
Kiran Jethwa
Managing Partner @ Fumase
  • Typical investor evaluation of projects
  • ESG Integration - Quadruple Bottom Line Model
  • A holistic approach to Green Energy Projects
  • Multiple uses of land
19:25 - 19:45 GST
19:25 - 19:45 GST
Vincent Bakker
Group Controller & Corporate Finance @ Entoria Energy Pte Ltd
  • The IRR challenge – can renewables be profitable with ever-lower prices?
  • Increasing panel prices yet ever-lower power auctions are eating away profits
  • Where will the yield improvement in solar come from?
  • Renewable project economics, drivers, and where the yield improvements will come from
19:45 - 20:05 GST
19:45 - 20:05 GST
Angela Melkonian
Senior Project Development Manager MENAWA @ Scatec
  • As an investor and developer what Scatec is looking for in a good renewable energy project
  • Challenges they experience when acquiring or investing in a project
  • Practical lessons learned from investing in and building renewable energy projects - what works, what doesn't
  • New technologies and processes that are worthy of the attention of peer-community
  • Risks and challenges to be aware of when initiating and building projects in this sector

20:05 – 20:25 GST
20:05 – 20:25 GST
Niyazi Mete Saraçoğlu
West Africa Director @ Meridiam
  • Investor's perspective for developers and initiators of green energy projects in emerging markets
  • What level of maturity most professional investors would expect to see in a project presented to consider investing time and resources
  • What would be the right time in the development phase to start approaching professional developers and investors
  • Key bankability elements to be aware of the absence of which would jeopardize the financing of a project

20:25 - 20:45 GST
20:25 - 20:45 GST
Hamza Al Jefri
General Manager @ Sharjah Waste to Energy Company, a joint venture by Masdar and Sharjah Environment Company.
  • Development of Sharjah Waste to Energy Project as the first commercial IPP project in the GCC Region
  • Practical lessons learned from investing in and building waste to energy projects - what works, what doesn't
  • Challenges in development and construction of Waste to Energy Projects
  • Strategies to de-risk your Waste to Energy Project

20:45 - 21:05 GST
20:45 - 21:05 GST
Mikhail Nikomarov
Chief Executive Officer @ Bushveld Energy since April 2015
  • Global trends in stationary energy storage
  • Overview of the energy storage market
  • The trend towards long-duration applications
  • Spike in investment and M&A into energy storage
  • The growing interest in non-lithium based storage technologies
  • Role(s) for hydrogen in energy storage

21:05 - 21:10
21:05 - 21:10
End of the conference, closing words by QPQ International.
These are some of the companies who will be attending the event:
For Investors
- Only high-quality projects worthy of investment will be showcased. All the projects which are submited to the project initiators event round will go through filtering and vetting by our Qualified Advisory Team, only the selected projects will go through our Become Investor-Ready Program.

- If you are considering attending as an investor you can share with us your investment criteria prior to the event, our team will carefully match and share those projects with you. Providing a great non binding opportunity to get priority access to a deal flow of vetted projects in these four sectors.

- If you attend you will gain priority access to participating projects. During this event, you will be able to exclusively access a secure investors-only virtual showroom with an overview/teasers of all the shortlisted projects, express your non-binding interest if desired, and request access to data rooms or discuss directly a particular project with a curating deal advisor for the projects that you find appealing.

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Our approach is to build long-term trusted partnerships with investors focused on sustainability investments. We achieve this by our strong origination capabilities, strict standards for qualifying, vetting, and matching projects to investor's strategy, and qualifying investment criteria. Most of our advisors have a strong technical background and experience, they have developed and advised projects in the sub-sectors that we are focusing on which are: Renewable Energy, Waste-to-Energy, Energy Storage, Hydrogen, and Water & Waste Treatment. Our Advisors coach and advise projects that we are representing on how to become investor-ready and facilitate due diligence and investment process to save your time and make it easier for you. We are committed to preserving the privacy and confidentiality of all our clients at all times.
The event is managed by Abu Dhabi-based QPQ International.
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