13th of July 2021, 6 pm GST
QPQ Community Online
Networking Event
Exclusive for QPQ Members & Guests

The purpose of the event is to:
◉ introduce yourself, your project, or initiative;
◉ get to know each other;
◉ get insights into industry trends and developments;
◉ share knowledge and experience;
◉ find valuable contacts, which can potentially become your:

partners or collaborators;
◦ advisors;
◦ suppliers or EPCs;
◦ investors.
Online Networking Event Agenda

1. Welcome and Opening Notes by QPQ Team.
2. 50 randomly selected attendees will have a chance to take the stage to introduce themselves, their projects, and initiatives – strictly 1 min. Write in the chat, tagging one of the moderators to be randomly selected. The number of people who'd like to present themselves is limited to 50 people.
3. Q&A – ask questions and make requests of the community – 10 min.
4. Throughout the webinar you're fully welcome to participate in the live chat where you can talk to other attendees, exchange contacts, ask questions, etc.
5. Thank you and closing notes.
Event moderators
QPQ team will moderate the event to keep it
engaged and inspiring
  • Oksana Tashakova
    Founder of QPQ International
  • Vlad Tashakov
    Co-Founder of QPQ International
  • Anna Klymenko
    Platform Coordinator at QPQ International
  • Uliana Semenova
    Product Manager at QPQ International
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