Webinar: Biomass to Energy and Hydrogen
Opportunities and Threats
Investor Readiness and Bankability Project Evaluation – Investor Perspective

April 12th, 2022
Who is This Webinar For?
Renewable Energy Developers
Learn the best practices of making your project investor-ready
Sustainability Advisors and Consultant
Listen to the expert opinion of a world-class Renewable Energy professional
QPQ Green Energy Project Funding Accelerator Program
What is the purpose of the program?

To Help Green Energy Project Sponsors Worldwide to Advance Development, Accelerate Financing, and Secure World-Class Partners for Their Projects

The Program specifically focuses on utility-scale projects initiated by professional teams in:
  • Renewable Energ
  • Waste-to-Energy
  • Hydrogen
  • Energy Storage
She has been nominated for an Academy Award, two Grammy Awards, and the Mercury Prize
During this webinar, you will learn
  • How Latest Trends, Opportunities and Threats Might Influence the Success of Your Project
  • What You Need to Know to Accelerate Your Project Development and to Attract World-Class Partners and Funders
Topics on Biomass to Energy and Hydrogen will be covered via presentation and Q&A by William Zeelie and Sertac Yener.
Speaker: William Zeelie
William Zeelie has over 40 years experience in the energy and infrastructure sectors and a flair for strategy formulation, project management, operational improvement, and executive mentoring, with specific skills around project development to financial close

William Zeelie will cover the following topics:

  • Biomass to Energy - "Lets Start with the Feedstock"
  • Challenges to consider when developing a Biomass Project
William will cover the following topics:
  • The Project Elements
  • The Key Components to make it financially attractive to investors
  • The Feedstock - Lessons Learnt
Speaker: Sertac Yener

Sertac Yener - A management, finance, and development professional in the energy sector, he has led many pioneering transactions totalling over $20-billion and transformed significant corporates in over 30 countries in as many years.

Sertac will cover the following Topic:

  • Electrolysis, Carbon Capture, and Ammonia Production Technologies
Sertac will cover the following topics:

  • Cost: Numbers, Calculations, Relative Positions, Past and Possible Future Evolutions
  • Patents and Intellectual Property
  • Scalability, Shipment, Trading, Consumption
  • Uses: Heating, Marine Fuels, Power Production, Hydrogen Source
  • Target Markets
  • Financial Model Subtleties
  • Flawed Approach of Colouring
  • Capture Rates in Blue vs. Green
  • Time for Pink
  • Hydrogen-ammonia and the Russian invasion of Ukraine
QPQ Founders
  • Oksana Tashakova
    Founder & CEO
    A serial entrepreneur on a mission to make a world a better place, with a flair for disruptive innovation, strategy, and branding.

  • Vlad Tashakov
    Co-Founder & Managing Director
    An entrepreneur with a passion to build long-lasting relationships and enabling innovators to advance their sustainability solutions.

What will you get after the webinar?
We will send you useful materials and checklists to make your project due-diligence and invetor ready.
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