Webinar: Megatrends in Green Finance

8th of June 2021, 4 pm London / 7 pm Dubai / 8 am Los Angeles
During this webinar, you will learn
How Green Finance Might Influence Your Project Development and Investment Strategy & How to Use it to Increase the Value of Your Green Project or Venture.

If you have a specific question you will be able to ask it in a live chat during the webinar or submit it during the registration process.
These topics will be covered via presentation and Q&A session with our renowned speakers:
  • Dr. Chris Wedding
    Founder of Entrepreneurs for Impact, professor at Duke University, an investment banker with IronOak Energy Capital, a former private equity investor, author of the ZERO Newsletter, and the host of The Climate Torch podcast.
Chris Wedding will cover the following topics:
  1. Renewable energy and energy storage project finance
Bloomberg NEF estimates that $11 trillion could be invested in solar, wind, and energy storage by 2050, which includes a 2.5x and 3.4x growth in capacity for wind and solar, respectively by 2050.
2. Carbon markets
VividEconomics projects that Carbon removal could rival the oil and gas sector in scale and revenue. Nature- and technology-based carbon offset projects could create $1.4 trillion of annual revenue by 2050, up from about $300 million today. For comparison, according to consultancy Rystad Energy, the oil and gas industry is projected to bring in $1.5 trillion this year - about 40% less than it did in 2019.

3. Climate tech
This niche in venture capital has grown by 84% CAGR over the last six years, which is 5x the growth of VC capital overall.
4. Net Zero commitments
Thousands of companies, countries, and cities have made bold climate pledges by 2050, but they need lots of help getting there.
5. Carbon capture and use
Carbon180 estimates that the global market for carbon tech (e.g., carbon to fuels or building materials) represents $6 trillion annually globally.
6. ESG investing
Investors representing $100 trillion in assets under management have signed on to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investing and ESG investments in the US are up over 25x since 1995, according to US SIF.
  • Simon Littlewood
    Over three decades' experience founding, investing in, raising capital for, and advising businesses globally across a wide range of industry sectors. Board member and advisor to a number of stock market-listed and private companies, investment vehicles, and funds. He is a recognized expert in sustainability, Emerging Markets, and capital markets. Ex HSBC, PwC, BDO. Uk Qualified Chartered Accountant (CPA Equivalent) and Masters degree in law from Oxford University, UK.
Simon Littlewood will discuss the practicalities, processes, difficulties and opportunities for raising funding for green projects:
  • What are investors looking for?
  • What issues are stopping investors committing funds to projects?
  • What types of funding are available?
  • How to increase the value of your project or venture?


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