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4th June 2024
Webinar - Geothermal Abundant Sustainable Energy Overview & Opportunities

Discover the vast, renewable, and sustainable baseload power of geothermal energy.

Learn how geothermal energy harnesses the Earth's internal heat from radioactive decay and primordial heat, generating electricity and direct heating/cooling.

Explore conventional hydrothermal systems and new technological advancements like Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS), Advanced Geothermal Systems (AGS), repurposing hydrocarbon well infrastructure, and emerging ultra-deep drilling techniques.

Understand how geothermal energy provides constant, emissions-free electricity to complement solar and wind power.

Discover the untapped potential of geothermal energy, with only 0.7% of U.S. geothermal resources utilized, and how improved technology and policy support can unlock far greater capacity.

Learn how geothermal supports energy security, cost savings, and climate goals.

Gain insights into our data analysis that optimizes geothermal exploration, lowering costs and risks.

Uncover the ability of geothermal energy to store energy like a battery using thermal energy storage.

Explore the abundant, sustainable nature of geothermal energy and its potential for major expansion to meet rising electricity demand and accelerate the clean energy transition.

26th March 2024
Webinar - Tax Optimization Through Clean Energy Tax Equity
The IRA created $500 billion in tax credits for renewable energy production through 2033
IRA tax credits can be purchased by US tax accounts to receive dollar-for-dollar offsetting to their federal tax liability
The offset applies for the years 2023 to 2033 and can be carried back 3 years for a refund from the IRS on paid taxes beginning with 2021
Tax Equity is a decades-old financial structure that has proven to amplify tax credit IRR by adding depreciation and project cash flows for investors. Tax Equity on clean energy assets was a $25 billion sector in 2022
Tax accounts eligible to capture this tax windfall include C Corporations with US federal tax liability and Investors with rental income from Real Estate and Leasing activities
Qualified projects that investors may expect to see include US-based Solar, Wind, Biomass, EVs, and others
14th February 2024
Webinar - Role of Renewable Hydrogen in the Decarbonization Path of our Industries
Role of Green Hydrogen in the World - What is the Current and Future Demand for Hydrogen?
Case of Steel Industry - How is Fossil Steel Produced these days, and what is Green Steel?
A look at the Swedish Steel Industry
Making it happen - What is a Hydrogen Plant? What do we need to be aware of?
Brief Description of Electrolysis Technologies
Brief Introduction of Ramboll
31st October 2023
Webinar - Mitigating Future Challenges and Trends in Investment Opportunities by Aligning Sustainability with Circular Economy Principles
Opportunities in sustainable economic investment from the Global North and the Global South
Futureproofing investment and aligning with the IFRS, ISSB, and ESG Reporting
Strategic initiatives in securing critical resources from Africa including Critical Raw Materials
Economic opportunities in decarbonization
Investment opportunities in tackling the Just Energy Transition
Impacts of European directives such as the New Green Deal on future financing
Some examples of opportunities in Africa
19th September 2023
Webinar - Australia-Green Energy Superpower Opportunities and Pitfalls - A Practical Perspective for Developers
Australia - An Attractive Destination for Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy Policies and Government Support
Energy Transition Scenario and Drivers
Status of Renewable Energy Installation
Wind and Solar Resources Overview
Opportunities - Energy Generation and Manufacturing
QPQ's strong presence in Australia
13th June 2023
Webinar - Tax Attributes and Long-Term Debt- How They Create Value In Your Green Energy Project?
Tax Attributes
· What are the different kinds of tax attributes for Green Energy Projects?
· How do they impact your project's economics?
· What are the key provisions of the US Inflations Reduction Act?
Long-Term Debt
· What is the optimal mix of Equity and Debt?
· What are the key factors that influence terms of project financing?
· What is the debt service coverage ratio?
· What are the types of loan security instruments?
25th April, 2023
Webinar - How to Advance Development, Accelerate Financing, and
Secure World-Class Partners and Funders for Your Green Energy Project?
Developers often underestimate the level of preparation required to secure professional partners and funders. For this reason only around 10% of Green Energy projects secure world-class partners and funders.
In close collaboration with over 400 world's leading professional investors and international IPPs, we had an opportunity to interview investors and accumulate knowledge about:
- What investors look for in investment projects
- How and what they assess
- What project documentation is required to successfully pass due diligence process
15th February, 2023
Webinar - The Green Hydrogen Economy
What is it? Why do we need it?
How can we integrate it into our daily lives?
Key drivers for the twin existential threats of climate change and biodiversity extinction
Alternatives to fossil fuels including - Bio fuels, hydro, tidal, wave, wind, solar (CSP and PV) Nuclear and SMR
Electrons Vs Molecules ie Electricity Vs gas
Energy Storage
Natural capital, ecosystem services, biodiversity and sustainability
13th December, 2022
Webinar - Practical Solutions and Innovations In Green Energy and Hydrogen Production
Carbon Offsets – Enabling Financial Viability of the Clean Energy Projects across Technologies which Potentially do Carbon Abatement. Energy, Waste, Water, Fuel, Plastic, Mangrove, Afforestation etc
What are Carbon Offsets/ Carbon Credits ?
How are Carbon Offsets changing sustainability dynamics ?
Complete End to End Solution for the Carbon management – Becoming your Sustainability Partner.
We will also discuss various technologies, regions, carbon offset mechanisms and geographical carbon offsets.
How to Improve Renewable Energy Plants' Bottom Line By Using Advanced Ai Based Analytic Solutions
Using advanced analytics and Ai to identify defects and under performing equipment
Increase plant uptime and availability by avoiding unscheduled outages
Improve plant yield, performance and profitability by optimizing equipment settings and configuration
Reduce plant O&M cost
Next Generation Electrolyzers - Reducing Your Hydrogen Production Cost
Producing Hydrogen at high pressure
Membrane free Electrolyzer Technology
Producing Hydrogen at low cost
15th November, 2022
Webinar - Digital Innovations In Green Energy
How Can Project Developers Boost Project IRR
& Profitability using Digital Innovations ?
We're facing big challenges affecting the Green Energy Sector
Many investors are waiting it out - how to convince them to come on board
Implementing Digital innovation in the Green Energy space
Leveraging know-how/tech/capital to generate outsized returns
Keys to Success in the current Green Energy Market
13th September, 2022
Webinar - Financing Capital Intensive Green Energy Projects - Practical Perspective
The basic concepts of non-recourse project finance, and how project developers, lenders and other deal participants evaluate investments in these projects
Gain an understanding of the environmental, legal and regulatory issues surrounding green energy projects in the context of Project Finance structure
Understand "Risk Allocation" process among stakeholders for a successful closing of the financing
Understand the theoretical framework behind project Finance to identify unique situations where Project Finance structure may be appropriate
14th June, 2022
Webinar - The Grid – Enabling Energy Transmission OR Bottleneck for Energy Transition?

The key pillars of the transmission systems
Global market overview
Transmission grid are the backbone of the regional systems
Evolution of the transmission market
Regional perspective (EU, US, Canada, South America, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Oceania)
Business models
Technology constraints

May 10th, 2022
Webinar - Green Energy Project Finance
How to Structure Your Project to Attract Funders Faster and on Optimal Terms.
How Your Project Finance Strategy Might Influence the Success of Your Project and What You Need to Know to Attract World-Class Funders.

April 12th, 2022
Webinar - Biomass Energy to Hydrogen
Hydrogen and Waste to Energy projects - Industry trends, opportunities, threats, latest tech update
March 8th, 2022
Webinar - Renewable Energy and Storage
Energy Storage and Renewable Energy projects - Industry trends, opportunities, threats bankability, investment readiness
November 16th, 2021
QPQ Green Energy Summit 2021
QPQ Green Energy Summit 2021 - "Bridging the Gap Between Green Energy Projects & Investors ", was an online event that provided invaluable insight and a deal flow of vetted utility-scale projects in Renewable Energy, Energy Storage, Hydrogen and Waste-to-Energy Sectors.

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    The contributions of the guests and representatives of the investment companies were full of valuable information and the use of modern technology in the field of sustainability.

    Akram Rasheed Al-Oboudy
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