QPQ Green Energy Project Funding Accelerator
Accelerating Energy Transition by Helping Green Energy Projects
Secure Partners and Funding

Large Project Needs Large Partners and Large Capital!
  • What do we do?
    • We Help Green Energy Project Sponsors Worldwide to Advance Development, Accelerate Financing, and Secure World-Class Partners for Their Projects
  • Green Energy Project Funding Accelerator Program specifically focuses on utility-scale:
  1. Renewable Energy Projects
  2. Waste-to-Energy Projects
  3. Hydrogen Projects
  4. Energy Storage Projects
Why QPQ Green Energy Project Funding Accelerator Program?
  • Developing a green energy project, securing the right partners and capital is not easy. It takes a tremendous amount of work, effort & know-how. Our Green Energy Project Funding Accelerator Program helps green energy project sponsors around the world to advance their projects, attract optimal partners and funding.

  • The strength of Project Developers is to develop great projects. However, sourcing the right partners on fair terms and securing funding at a reasonable cost is of paramount importance to the success of the project. These vital capabilities and knowledge are often missing in Project's Sponsor Teams. Our Green Energy Project Funding Accelerator Program is created to bridge the gap between investors and green energy projects.
What Happens at QPQ Green Energy Project Funding Accelerator Program?
Project submission
You submit your project and work with our expert deal advisory team.

Phase 1
Project Bankability and Investor Readiness Assessment
Phase 2
Project Finance Strategy and Structure
Phase 3
Closing Investor Readiness Gap
Phase 4
Shortlisting and Presenting Your Project to the Right Investors, Partners and Sources of Funding - Confidential and Bespoke Process
Phase 5
Investor/Partner Engagement
Phase 6
Due Diligence Support
Phase 7
Negotiations Support
Phase 8
Project Successfully Financed
Additional benefits

Fast-track to financial close :

In the scope of the Funding Accelerator we work closely with over 400 professional investors consisting of leading international private equity funds like Black Rock, EIG Global Energy Partners and ISquared Capital; institutional investors like ADIA, CIP and Allianz; International IPPS like Enel, Masdar and Acciona and Debt Providers like UPS, Credit Suisse and Vancity. Our investor network is constantly expanding!
Qualifying projects that went through the preparation steps outlined above in a confidential and bespoke manner are matched and presented to our partner investor network. These projects take priority over other projects on the market as potential investment or acquisition targets of our investors.

Strategic Partnership with QPQ International:

Long-Term Strategic Partnership with QPQ is offered to qualifying serial developers with aggressive growth goals and ambitious pipelines. In the scope of this engagement, QPQ Advisory Team takes into account your growth goals, maps out your upcoming and future projects, and prepares in advance to ensure that funders and partners are available and ready at the optimal milestone of your project development. We prioritize your projects and present them to our best investors, we ensure that you get the maximum for your project, there are no delays and your funding needs are met in a timely manner to achieve your growth goals. If you have a pipeline of projects and want a reliable partner to support your growth discuss with the QPQ Team potential for Strategic Partnership.

Online presentations facilitated by subject experts for each sector that we represent in the Accelerator:

- Industry trends, opportunities, threats, latest tech update
- How to de-risk your projects
- How to improve your project IRR
- Green Finance and alternative funding sources

And More!
What information must be included in the project teaser (proposal)?

Before you submit your project, please make sure that you have the following information included:

- Project Description
Short description of your project , Vision for the project, and Readiness status.

- Project Sponsor Description
Highlight the important elements of your background: experience, qualifications, etc.

- Project Market Background
Market demand studies, feasibility studies, development plans and/or needs

- Key financial information
Showcase any numbers that will make your project a success.
The minimum information that must be included:
● Technology
● Country
● Capacity
● Annual OPEX
● Project IRR
● Applicable Tax Regime
● Tariff / Tariff Arrangement
● Annual Revenue
● Project Term
● Off-Take Arrangement
● Feedstock Arrangement (if required)
● Permitting Status
Key Benefits
  • Identify your project investment-readiness gaps and what else do you need to have in place to secure funding fast
  • Catalyse your project to reach its full potential and realizing global business opportunities
  • Identify the optimal technology for your project
  • Learn how to de-risk your project
  • Learn how to improve your project's IRR
  • Prepare for due diligence – Due Diligence Best Practices
  • Fast-track to financial close
  • Get fair value for your project
  • Access more affordable Green Finance Sources and Institutional Green Finance Initiatives
  • Secure funding at reasonable cost and partners on reasonable terms
  • Avoid costly mistakes!!!

Some of the investors from our network
If you want to join our network, reach out to us via this link
Click here to reach out to QPQ International directly

QPQ International, Unit # 3404, DMCC Business Centre, Level 1, Jewellery & Gemplex 3, Dubai, UAE
What People Said About our Previous Events
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    Lisa Ward
  • Owen Roberts
    Hi everyone,
    Excellent conference today!! The quality of your speakers was amazing.
    Thank you for hosting this event and thank you for your corporate vision!

    Kind regards,
    Owen Roberts

  • James Pfeiffer
    Oksana & Vlad,

    Good Job on your Green Energy Summit! Interesting speakers.

    James Pfeiffer

  • Derral Fralish
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    I want to compliment you on presenting an excellent clean energy summit. Your speakers were especially knowledgeable and were industry leaders. It was the best energy presentation I have seen.

    Derral Fralish

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    Dear Oksana,

    Thanks for accepting my connection request on LinkedIn after the QPQ session yesterday. What a fabulous event you and your team organized. Kudos to you all!!

    Atul Bhadnagar

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    The event was very well organized, interesting, and high quality. I really enjoyed listening to some of your guest speakers.

    Stan Levin

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    It was my pleasure to attend QPQ Green Energy Summit 2021 in which you were outstanding in organizing it with a high level of professionalism and success.
    The contributions of the guests and representatives of the investment companies were full of valuable information and the use of modern technology in the field of sustainability.

    Akram Rasheed Al-Oboudy
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    Thank you Oksana and Vlad! That was really engaging and worth the while. Your opening speech was awesome too. Thank you!

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