Connecting investors to green projects accelerating energy transition

Verifying the source

Identifying the right acquisition, development, or investment target/project is a task riddled with challenges, setbacks, and hidden traps. First, having to sieve through projects or even worse listening to wishful thinking and improbable outlandish ideas especially in such technical and know-how intensive emerging sectors like green energy can be exhausting and time-consuming.

Thorough project vetting

Finding a gem amongst piles of rocks is a quest in itself. This is further exacerbated by the next challenge - lack of preparation and information available for due diligence. Developers often think that preparing presentations, describing their projects is enough to attract funding or investors. This indeed is not correct! Investors require solid financial information, verified resources or operating data, and other key elements of the project. These are often not prepared or not readily available for the due diligence process. This may derail even the most willing and motivated potential partners and funders.
QPQ International does this work for you!
We preselect gems out of piles of rocks and guide them in advance to prepare everything investors need for a fast and efficient investment process.
We save time, costly mistakes and maximize value!

QPQ value for everyone involved

  • Vetted investment grade projects and ventures matched to your investment criteria
  • Relationship and trust come first – we keep your best interests at heart
  • Support in making informed investment decisions conveniently & fast

  • Reduce time-to-finance with our data room & due diligence support
  • Mid - large sized investment projects. Our sweet spot are projects with CAPEX of 30mln - 300 mln
With our worldwide network of developers and advisors
QPQ does all the hard work for you!

The industries we focus on are

Renewable Energy and Energy Storage
Water Treatment and Desalination
Sustainable Agriculture
Other Innovative Sustainability Solutions

We support

  • Infrastructure and
    development funds
  • Private equity investors
  • Project finance banks
  • Development banks
  • EPC with financial capabilities
  • Family offices

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