Our mission to support investors, project developers, and business owners active in the sustainability space to accelerate achievement towards United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Focus: We are a digital platform, backed up by a team of international deal advisors, focused primarily on serving the needs of investors, project developers, and businesses active in renewable energy, energy storage, waste-to-energy, water treatment, and broader sustainability sector globally.

Base and reach: We are based in Dubai but with sector-expert resources and capabilities spread globally.

Style: We combine traditional ways of doing business based on values, trust, and human interactions with the latest technologies to create a globally connected community that makes it easy, fast, and convenient to achieve results-orientated outcomes.

Exclusive network: Membership of the QPQ network is exclusive and by invitation only. It extends to EPCs, Service providers, and advisors which can support the needs of investors, developers, and business owners.

Our approach is to build a long-term trusted partnership with strategic investors focused on sustainability investments. We achieve this by creating a broad pipeline of investment opportunities and facilitating transactions using experienced advisors with blue-chip backgrounds on our platform.

We maximise our reach and influence by leveraging our relationships with Government Investment Promotion Agencies, Ministries of Investment and Trade, Embassies and Chambers of Commerce in the markets we operate in.

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