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Expand Your Influence and Gain Rewards as a QPQ Referral Partner by leveraging your professional network in the green energy industry. We are looking for well-connected advisors, project managers, consultants, and technical experts who can connect us with new project opportunities in renewable energy, waste-to-energy, hydrogen production, and energy storage primarily in the US, Canada, and Europe.
Benefits of Partnering with Us:
  • Rewarding Referral Fees
    Earn excellent fees for each project you refer that we successfully close and create a passive income for yourself.
  • Strengthen Your Professional Network
    By referring your contacts you are helping their growth and strengthening your professional relationships
  • Enhance Your Professional Reach
    Profit as a QPQ Referral Partner
Why Join Us?
  • Developers: We collaborate with over 850 professional developers worldwide with a proven track record in renewable energy, waste-to-energy, energy storage, and hydrogen production projects.
  • Investors: Our network includes over 600 professional investors comprising top-tier international private equity funds, institutional investors, IPPs, and debt providers.
  • Achievements: To date, we have successfully facilitated funding for over 2.5 GW of Solar PV and Battery Storage Projects, with a constant pipeline of approximately 250 projects valued at over $20B.
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Connect with QPQ International to explore how your referrals can drive forward renewable energy projects and create mutual success.

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Email: vlad@qpq.international, oksana@qpq.international
Our Verified Referral Partners
  • Francis D'Silva
    Senior Referral Partner
    Francis has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Mumbai University (India), is an Investment Consultant Certified by Citibank N.A. (USA), a Chartered Wealth Manager from IABFM (Australia), and an Award in Financial Planning from Certified Insurance Institute (UK).

    His 20+ years of wealth management experience with Citibank Bahrain & Standard Chartered Bank, Bahrain empowered many clients successfully towards their financial personal, family, and corporate goals.

    His network of 1,000+ active and global investors includes UHNI, HNI, Family Businesses, Family Offices, Corporates, Asset Management Companies, Venture Capitalists, Boutique Advisory Firms, Pension and sovereign Funds.

    Currently, he is a Senior Referral Partner of QPQ International (UAE) a Boutique Advisory firm, a Regional Manager with Project Finance Exchange (UK), and a Trade Finance Specialist with Euro Exim Bank Ltd, St. Lucia.
  • Andre K. Mann
    Senior Referral Partner
    With an MBA in finance and strategy, an MS in strategic real estate asset management from New York University, and a BS in economics with an industrial engineering concentration from Stanford University, Andre has a cross-disciplinary background.

    Andre is passionate about making a difference by connecting technology and finance with innovative sustainable projects, and works with QPQ and strategic partners to help clean energy companies secure world-class partnerships.

    Andre has over 20 years financial services experience in New York, including over 10 years with J.P. Morgan Chase, and with companies such as Deloitte and New York Power Authority. He held FINRA Securities licenses 4,6,7,24, and 63. He has worked in heavy industry in the bauxite sector, as well as cross-border joint venture start-ups in solar energy, glass, and optical-grade silica.

    He has lived and worked in several countries including Belgium, Guyana, Poland, and the United States.
  • John K Arnold
    Senior Referral Partner
    John K Arnold holds two engineering degrees from Rice University in Houston, Texas, USA. After completing university in the 1970s John worked for Bechtel Corporation, a very large global engineering and construction company at their home office in San Francisco, California USA. John worked with a small, for Bechtel, division of 500 people, Scientific Development, that handled special projects. John's group in the division focused on what was then called Alternative Energy. Alternative energy projects included solar, wind, wave, geothermal, temperature differential in the ocean, or anything we could think of. John was also sent to Bechtel to construct nuclear power plants for special projects.

    John lived in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1970s and 1980s in Silicon Valley so was exposed to the rapidly changing world of computers. John preferred marketing and sales to engineering. That would later prove to be beneficial as in the 1990s he had one of the first health insurance websites online in 1999. His website was top of Google's organic search for health insurance for 10 years. He expanded to international health insurance where his international website was also top of Google organic search for 10 years. When he moved to Chicago the internet had changed. There he met and worked directly with the largest condo developer in the US where he learned about large commercial real estate. There he also met and connected with the Founder and Chairman of First American Equities Inc a 50+ year private real estate and equity company representing large developers. As John is a dual citizen of the USA and Czech Republic. he and his wife decided to move to Prague, Czech Republic. He began working internationally as well as in the US. John has sourced funding for very large commercial real estate projects but was more interested in Green Energy projects. John represents Green Energy developers globally. He has a personal interest in Green Energy and a unique perspective as the projects which he worked on in the 1970s were like sci-fi. Now they are real. He has a very strong motivation to address climate change. This is a passion as well as a business.