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Mitigating Future Challenges and Trends in Investment Opportunities by Aligning Sustainability with Circular Economy Principles

Organized by QPQ International
October 31st, 2023
6 - 7 PM Dubai time
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During this Webinar you will learn
  • Opportunities in sustainable economic investment from the Global North and the Global South
  • Futureproofing investment and aligning with the IFRS, ISSB, and ESG Reporting
  • Strategic initiatives in securing critical resources from Africa including Critical Raw Materials
  • Economic opportunities in decarbonization
  • Investment opportunities in tackling the Just Energy Transition
  • Impacts of European directives such as the New Green Deal on future financing
  • Some examples of opportunities in Africa
Our Speaker
  • Chris Whyte
    Lead and Director of the African Circular Economy Network (ACEN), Co-Founder of the ACEN Foundation; Director of ImagineIF NPC and Director of GreenWasteX and GreenAgriX in Mauritius.
    Chris Whyte is an internationally recognized thought leader and Circular Economy Strategist with a focus on developing economically viable value chains in problematic waste fractions. Chris is a Director of the African Circular Economy Network (ACEN) which is a leading organization in circular economy transitions across Africa with a presence in 42 African Countries. He is also a Director of the ACEN Foundation based in Brussels and Rotterdam, with regional coordination in Nigeria, Cameroon, Egypt, Ethiopia, and South Africa for 45 countries across the continent. The ACEN Foundation is focused on creating capacity and sustainable economic development across Africa through North-South collaboration. He is also a Director of several commercial corporations in South Africa and Mauritius.
Who is This Webinar For?
Renewable Energy Developers and Investors
Learn the best practices for making your project investor-ready
Sustainability Advisors and Consultants
Listen to the expert opinion of world-class Renewable Energy professionals
QPQ Green Energy Project Funding Accelerator Program
What is the purpose of the program?

To Help Green Energy Project Sponsors Worldwide to Advance Development, Accelerate Financing, and Secure World-Class Partners for Their Projects

The Program specifically focuses on utility-scale projects initiated by professional teams in:
  • Renewable Energy
  • Waste-to-Energy
  • Hydrogen
  • Energy Storage
        QPQ Founders
        QPQ International – Digitally-Enabled Ecosystem and Deal Advisory Platform focused on meeting the needs of project developers, ventures and investors in renewable energy, energy storage and waste-to-energy. Mission of QPQ is To Make Our Planet Green Again, so Our Children Have an Inhabitable World to Live In!
        • Oksana Tashakova
          Founder & CEO
          A serial entrepreneur on a mission to make a world a better place, with a flair for disruptive innovation, strategy and branding.
        • Vlad Tashakov
          Co-Founder & Managing Director
          An entrepreneur with passion to build long lasting relationships and to enable innovators to advance their sustainability solutions.

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        • Owen Roberts
          Hi everyone,
          Excellent conference today!! The quality of your speakers was amazing.
          Thank you for hosting this event and thank you for your corporate vision!

          Kind regards,
          Owen Roberts

        • James Pfeiffer
          Oksana & Vlad,

          Good Job on your Green Energy Summit! Interesting speakers.

          James Pfeiffer

        • Derral Fralish
          Hi Oksana and Vlad!

          I want to compliment you on presenting an excellent clean energy summit. Your speakers were especially knowledgeable and were industry leaders. It was the best energy presentation I have seen.

          Derral Fralish

        • Atul Bhadnagar
          Dear Oksana,

          Thanks for accepting my connection request on LinkedIn after the QPQ session yesterday. What a fabulous event you and your team organized. Kudos to you all!!

          Atul Bhadnagar

        • Stan Levin

          The event was very well organized, interesting, and high quality. I really enjoyed listening to some of your guest speakers.

          Stan Levin

        • Akram Rasheed Al-Oboudy
          It was my pleasure to attend QPQ Green Energy Summit 2021 in which you were outstanding in organizing it with a high level of professionalism and success.
          The contributions of the guests and representatives of the investment companies were full of valuable information and the use of modern technology in the field of sustainability.

          Akram Rasheed Al-Oboudy
        • Marite Ball
          A big thank you to you, Vlad and your strong team for your commitment and purposeful, concrete actions to tackle the race against global warming.

          Marite Ball

        • Oluwaseun Oguntade
          Thank you Oksana and Vlad! That was really engaging and worth the while. Your opening speech was awesome too. Thank you!

          Oluwaseun Oguntade