November 14th - 20th, 2022
QPQ Green Energy Project Funding Accelerator 2022
Bridging the gap between green energy projects and investors
First of its Kind Virtual Online Accelerator Specifically for Investors, Project Initiators, Developers, and Other Professional Stakeholders Active in Renewable Energy, Waste to Energy, Hydrogen and Energy Storage Sectors

Most events are done for educational and informational purposes - too many monologues that don't eventuate in any tangible outcomes or actions – our event is all about FOCUS, CONVENIENCE, AND RESULTS!

About the Accelerator
This event is a new generation virtual space where investment professionals get access to a deal flow of vetted utility-scale green energy projects. The Accelerator in a secure and confidential manner digitally exhibits utility-scale green energy investment projects from all over the world, it's open for 5 days from 14th-20th of November and can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere you are and whenever it's convenient for you.
Building on the success of our last year initiative - QPQ Green Energy Summit 2021 and Green Energy Project Funding Accelerator 2021 which has attracted over 250 utility-scale green energy projects from all over the world and 350 professional investors, general partners, and asset managers of leading private equity infrastructure funds as well as large institutional investors, we are pleased to announce and invite you to an even larger initiative - QPQ Green Energy Project Funding Accelerator 2022
What do I get from the Accelerator?
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    Green Energy Project Funding Accelerator 2022
    - Secure virtual space where investment professionals who registered to attend can obtain information about the vetted utility-scale green energy investment projects that were shortlisted and groomed during the Green Energy Project Funding Accelerator Program
    - For fund managers, asset managers, investment professionals, and those investing in infrastructure and energy transition
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    Knowledge Hub
    - Library of practical industry-specific cutting edge resources, presentations, and webinars by subject experts and industry influencers that attendees of the Accelerator can access, watch, listen and read in the comfort of their homes and at their convenience.
    - For everyone who wants to obtain current, practical, and relevant industry-specific knowledge in order to avoid costly mistakes, become more effective and successful.
About the Projects Participating in the Green Energy Project Accelerator

QPQ Green Energy Project Funding Accelerator selects utility-scale green energy projects seeking funding from our worldwide network of green energy project developers. Projects go through filtering, screening, technological gap, and investor readiness assessment and are guided to close their investor readiness and bankability gaps.

The program culminates in this event where all participating projects in a secure, confidential, and bespoke manner are matched and presented to the most suitable, qualified investors, strategic partners, co-investors, co-developers, and funders.

It should be noted that this event is international, so projects presented will be from most of the markets that are considered desirable and investable.

The purpose
The purpose of this event is to save time and costly mistakes for participating green energy project developers and attending investors!
Benefits for Investing Professionals
  • Verifying the source
    Identifying the right acquisition, development, or investment target/project is a task riddled with challenges, setbacks, and hidden traps. First, having to sieve through projects or even worse listening to wishful thinking and improbable outlandish ideas especially in such technical and know-how intensive emerging sectors like green energy can be exhausting and time-consuming.
  • Thorough project vetting
    Finding a gem amongst piles of rocks is a quest in itself. This is further exacerbated by the next challenge - lack of preparation and information available for due diligence. Developers often think that preparing presentations, describing their projects is enough to attract funding or investors. This indeed is not correct! Investors require solid financial information, verified resources or operating data, and other key elements of the project. These are often not prepared or not readily available for the due diligence process. This may derail even the most willing and motivated potential partners and funders.
  • QPQ Green Energy Project Funding Accelerator does this work for you!
    We preselect gems out of piles of rocks and guide them in advance to prepare everything investors need for a fast and efficient investment process.
Benefits for Green Project Developers
  • Developing a green energy project is a long and complicated process. The strength of project developers is to develop and build great projects. However, attracting the right partners on fair terms and securing funding at a reasonable cost is of paramount importance to the success of the project. These vital capabilities and knowledge are often missing in the project's sponsor teams. Our Green Energy Project Funding Accelerator Program and Green Energy Project Accelerator are created to close this gap and create a bridge between investors and green energy projects. It helps developers avoid costly mistakes and detours and puts them on a fast track to financial close, construction, and commercial operation date.
  • Our Project Funding Accelerator Program selects promising, viable projects initiated by professional teams, advises and guides them to prepare for due diligence, and matches them with suitable partners and funders in a fast and convenient way
Solving challenges of Green Energy Investor & Developers AND Accelerating Development and Construction of Green Energy Projects!
Last year's QPQ Green Energy Summit 2021
See how it was last year
The Accelerator will be open online from November 14th - 20th. Register and you will be able to log in and check it out any time during this week at your convenience.
Some of the investors from our network
If you want to join our network, reach out to us via this link
What People Said About our Previous Events
  • Owen Roberts
    Hi everyone,
    Excellent conference today!! The quality of your speakers was amazing.
    Thank you for hosting this event and thank you for your corporate vision!

    Kind regards,
    Owen Roberts

  • James Pfeiffer
    Oksana & Vlad,

    Good Job on your Green Energy Summit! Interesting speakers.

    James Pfeiffer

  • Derral Fralish
    Hi Oksana and Vlad!

    I want to compliment you on presenting an excellent clean energy summit. Your speakers were especially knowledgeable and were industry leaders. It was the best energy presentation I have seen.

    Derral Fralish

  • Atul Bhadnagar
    Dear Oksana,

    Thanks for accepting my connection request on LinkedIn after the QPQ session yesterday. What a fabulous event you and your team organized. Kudos to you all!!

    Atul Bhadnagar

  • Stan Levin

    The event was very well organized, interesting, and high quality. I really enjoyed listening to some of your guest speakers.

    Stan Levin

  • Akram Rasheed Al-Oboudy
    It was my pleasure to attend QPQ Green Energy Summit 2021 in which you were outstanding in organizing it with a high level of professionalism and success.
    The contributions of the guests and representatives of the investment companies were full of valuable information and the use of modern technology in the field of sustainability.

    Akram Rasheed Al-Oboudy
  • Marite Ball
    A big thank you to you, Vlad and your strong team for your commitment and purposeful, concrete actions to tackle the race against global warming.

    Marite Ball

  • Oluwaseun Oguntade
    Thank you Oksana and Vlad! That was really engaging and worth the while. Your opening speech was awesome too. Thank you!

    Oluwaseun Oguntade